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Stephan Guttinger

Born in Zurich, Switzerland

Lives & works in Exeter and London




2010       MSc in Philosophy of Science

                London School of Economics, UK

2006       Ph.D. in Biochemistry

                ETH Zürich, Switzerland

2002       Master of Science (Biochemistry)

                ETH Zürich, Switzerland


Academic Positions


2021 -                     Lecturer in Philosophy of Data/Data                                   Ethics, University of Exeter, UK    

2021                       Teaching Fellow, Philosophy                                                 Department, Durham University, UK

2018 – 2021           Research associate 

                                London School of Economics, UK

2014 – 2018           Research Fellow,

                                Egenis, University of Exeter, UK 

2011 – 2014           Postdoctoral research fellow 

                                London School of Economics, UK

2006 – 2009           Postdoctoral research fellow

                                ETH Zürich, Switzerland



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